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23 June 2022

Why Your Video Isn’t Getting the Desired Results

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before: you've spent a lot of time and money creating a great video for your brand or product and it turns out great. You’re…
video marketing in kelownaMarketingVideography
25 September 2021

Video Marketing That Stands Out: 3 Tips

We see advertisements all the time. Everywhere. People have programmed themselves to "swipe" past advertisements without even thinking. It's second nature. The only way to get your message across to…
Videos on a BudgetVideography
8 September 2021

How to Make Great Videos on a Budget

As the owner of a video production company, I take a lot of pride in the videos my team and I make for our clients. Oftentimes, these videos feature cinematic…
Blackmagic cameras KelownaVideography
17 August 2021

The Big Change: Switching to Blackmagic Cameras

Since the inception of our company, we've been using Sony cameras. Our two cameras were the Sony FS7, a bigger broadcast-style camera, and the Sony A7S II, which is a…
video production in Kelowna Distill MediaMarketingVideography
15 July 2021

Video Production in the Social Media Age

The world lives online now. Businesses, personalities, and ideas alike are all most commonly engaged with virtually--through social media.  If you’re somebody looking to get your ideas, products, or services…
video marketing in KelownaMarketingVideography
1 July 2021

This is Why Your Video Marketing Isn’t Working

It's 2021, and everybody on the internet is looking to get an edge: you want video to sell your products or service for you. And why not? Video is proven…
kelowna videographyVideography
25 May 2021

Videography Glossary: Common Terms

It's important to "de-mystify" some of the more common videography terms, and we hope this glossary will help. We're not going to be discussing anything overly technical--we just want to…
15 April 2021

Why I Stopped Using Adobe Premiere

I switched to Adobe Premiere from Final Cut 7 in 2015. For what I was doing at the time (news-editing, documentary work, corporate gigs,  etc.), Adobe Premiere was the industry…
video production company van KelownaVideography
4 April 2021

Building the Best Possible Video Work Vehicle

This is a game-changer for us. We've radically reduced the time we spend rifling around for gear, packing our vehicles, and worrying about whether we have everything we need. Now,…
Live Event StreamingVideography
29 March 2021

Introducing: Pay-As-You-Go Video Production Services in Kelowna

Video production services in Kelowna are usually offered at one of two rates: a half-day, or a full-day. What happens if you only need 45 minutes to shoot something? Well,…
corporate videographers in KelownaVideography
8 February 2021

You Don’t Have to Be a Big Corporation to Have Great Video Content

“I see these companies putting out these high-quality videos. It’s a bummer, because I can’t afford to do the same.”  I get it. It can be really daunting--you’re looking at…
kelowna video production companyVideography
1 February 2021

Is Hiring a Professional Kelowna Video Production Company Really Worth It?

It’s not a bad question to ask: is hiring a professional for video production a good use of resources? The answer, in its simplest form, is not black and white.…
virtual event outdoors for the internetLive Event Streaming
7 January 2021

Stop Having Bad Live Streams in 2021: 6 Common Mistakes

Last year, most big events were either cancelled or made into live-streamed versions of the events. I can’t be alone when I say… some of those live streamed events did…
video production services in KelownaLive Event Streaming
15 December 2020

Behind the scenes of a professional live-streamed event

There's a lot more to a professional live-streamed event than just grabbing your camera phone! For businesses, organizations, and event-planners, the viewer of your stream should feel like they're watching…
Canadian VideographerTravelVideography
16 September 2020

3 Lessons Learned While Travelling Abroad as a Videographer

I was asked to go to Bolivia in the late part of 2017 to shoot a video. This wasn't the first time I'd traveled out of Canada (I'd been in…
Live Event Streaming
28 May 2020

Secrets from Live Streaming Experts

In this 30 minute crash course on live-streaming – two experts sit down to share tips, tricks, and lessons learned. If you’ve done a few streams already and want to…
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