Authenticity in Video Storytelling – An In-Depth Exploration with Curtis Allen of Distill Media

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curtis allen owner of distill media
Curtis Allen of Distill Media, on location in Kelowna BC.

Curtis Allen, the vision and driving force behind Distill Media, is not just a videographer – he’s a storyteller who uses the medium of film to breathe life into narratives. His fusion of the art of storytelling and technical expertise results in video creations that are not only visually captivating but emotionally impactful. We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Curtis and dive deep into his unique approach to video storytelling. Here’s what he had to say.

The Heart of Storytelling: Authenticity

“I consider every interview a conversation, an exchange that naturally unravels. I don’t walk into a video shoot armed with a list of predefined questions. Instead, I let the narrative unfold organically. This approach ensures that the clips we capture are authentic, genuine, and heartfelt. It is this authenticity that breathes life into a video, making it truly engaging.”

distill media filming at barn owl brewing
On location filming an interview at Barn Owl Brewing, Kelowna

The soul of Curtis’s video storytelling approach lies in the authentic representation of his subjects. This focus on authenticity shapes the narrative in about 80% of the videos he produces. Curtis masterfully achieves this by interviewing subject matter experts, probing with insightful questions, and translating their responses into visual stories.

An Eye-Opening Experience: The Power of Empathy

Curtis recounted an early project that left an indelible mark on him and showcased the transformative power of video storytelling. He was contracted by a local non-profit organization that supports the unhoused community. His task was to shadow an outreach worker as she navigated the streets, offering food, clothing, and a listening ear to those living without a roof over their heads.

“The compassion and dedication I witnessed were truly humbling. The worker interacted with her clients with such humanity and empathy. By attaching a microphone to her, we were able to capture incredibly personal and humanizing audio that formed the heart of the video. The final result was a powerful narrative that humanized unhoused people in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without the magic of video. To this day, it remains one of my most viewed videos.”

JoAnne, a outreach worker with Kelowna’s Gospel Mission chatting with her clients living on the streets. (

The Spine of Video Production: Technical Precision

Curtis believes that a well-crafted story can lose its impact if it lacks technical finesse. From capturing crisp and clear audio to ensuring the perfect lighting, every technical detail plays a crucial role in enhancing the visual narrative.

“Technical precision is critical in video storytelling. Without high-quality sound, a video loses its efficacy, no matter how compelling the narrative. I pay equal attention to capturing crisp audio, setting up the right lighting, and ensuring high-definition video quality. It’s about striking a balance between efficiency and precision, ensuring that every technical detail aligns perfectly with the narrative.”

Two camera interview setup for a client in Vancouver, BC.

Crafting a Masterpiece: The Post-Production Process

To Curtis, post-production is more than just editing; it’s an opportunity to fine-tune the narrative, add depth to the story, and enhance the overall viewing experience. The rough timeline of a video gradually transforms into a compelling narrative, making sense of the various elements and weaving them into a cohesive story.

“Post-production is probably my favorite part of the process. There’s something truly magical about seeing raw footage transform into a captivating narrative. I often put together a rough timeline and then revisit it with fresh eyes the next day. This fresh perspective helps me spot new connections, leading to a more refined and engaging narrative.”

Editing remotely in La Paz, Bolivia alongside a client

The Magic Touch: Enhancing Storytelling through Post-Production Adding the finishing touches in post-production is what separates a good video from a great one. From choosing the right background music to using the perfect transitions and camera angles, each decision made in post-production profoundly impacts the viewer’s experience.

“Enhancing storytelling through post-production is akin to conjuring magic,” says Curtis. “We have a plethora of tools at our disposal to convey emotion in video. The right music track, synchronized with the video’s rhythm, can resonate with the audience on an emotional level. Carefully timed transitions and thoughtful selection of b-roll shots can significantly amplify the narrative impact.”

Curtis emphasizes that these post-production elements aren’t merely add-ons, but integral to the storytelling process. “The inclusion of music, the decision to use a specific transition, the choice of b-roll — each of these decisions is made with the story in mind. Every element should enhance the narrative and evoke the right emotional response.”

Revisions: Perfecting the Narrative

A video is not truly finished until it has been revised and fine-tuned. Curtis considers this step to be a vital part of the post-production process. He relies on his clients’ feedback to ensure that the story told through the video aligns with their vision and accurately represents their brand.

“I see revisions not as criticism, but as valuable input that can make a good video even better,” explains Curtis. “A list of revisions from a client doesn’t mean the original vision was wrong. Instead, it’s a collaborative effort to make the final product the best it can be. A satisfied client means a successful project and a potential for future collaborations.”

Applying the final touches on the audio for a video

Distilling the Essence: Leaving the Rest Behind

Curtis’ company, Distill Media, gets its name from this exact process – distilling down hours of footage to the most potent, impactful moments that tell the story best. “We distill down all the video footage, leaving only the most valuable elements in the final cut. The rest is left on the cutting room floor,” Curtis explains.

Distill Media’s entire approach to video production mirrors this ethos, focusing on authenticity, technical precision, and meticulous post-production, all of which culminate in a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers. It’s a process that takes raw footage and turns it into a masterpiece, one that not only tells a story, but does so in a way that is unforgettable.


Curtis Allen’s commitment to authentic storytelling and technical excellence sets Distill Media apart in the video production industry. As he puts it, “We don’t just provide clients with a video; we offer a story — a narrative that is expertly crafted and compellingly told. That’s the magic of video storytelling.”

With a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of the technical aspects of video production, and an inherent passion for storytelling, Curtis continues to use his talents to create videos that are not just viewed, but experienced, remembered, and shared.