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Our trained crew of operators are ready to take your video to the next level with our fleet of drones. We fully comply with Transport Canada’s regulations and, unlike many operators, can legally fly in most areas in Canada thanks to the selection of specialized drones at our disposal.

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If you want to showcase a location from the sky, we want to work with you.

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A whole new perspective.

Everything looks better from above: aerial videography adds a “wow-factor” to any video (made even more dramatic by British Columbia’s natural landscape). Whether you’re showcasing a business, property, or event, having a bird’s eye view can utterly transform a good video into a great video.

We are fully compliant with Transport Canada, flying with liability insurance and a Special Flights Operation Certificate.

Distill Media

Distill Media is a video production company in the interior of British Columbia dedicated to the “essentials of visual storytelling”: isolating and expressing the core messages of businesses and organizations through video. We provide industry-leading products with high return on investment.

“Curtis is excellent at his craft because he cares. He wants to deliver a high end product so he might take extra time just because he has passion for the end result.”

Rick Maddison

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