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Kelowna Videographer

"Distill (verb): extract the essential or most important aspects of."

Distill Media is a video production company in the interior of British Columbia dedicated to the “essentials of visual storytelling”: isolating and expressing the core messages of businesses and organizations through video. We provide industry-leading products with high return on investment.

Your brand’s story is important–choosing the right person to tell it is critical.

Meet Curtis Allen, an award-winning cinematographer and editor in the Okanagan Valley–having spent nearly 10 years in the broadcast television world, he is recognized for his work telling hundreds of impactful stories across the country.

Why choose Distill Media?

If you’re looking for a video that will convey your message in a clear, concise way, that will stir emotion and ignite response from your audience, videographer Curtis Allen is the right fit for you. Nobody cares more about engineering emotion than Curtis. The videos clearly convey the message and leave the rest on the cutting room floor. Distill Media is committed to working with you to make your video work for you and exceed expectations.

The videos that we make and the stories that we tell can be so much more than we ever imagined.

Kelowna Videographer
Kelowna Videographer

See our work.

Kelowna Fire Department – FireSmart Evaluation

9 June 2021

Kelowna Fire Hall 1 – Virtual Tour

9 June 2021

Kelowna Fire Department – Fire Safety House

9 June 2021

Kelowna Fire Department – Sprinkler Demonstration

9 June 2021

City of Kelowna – Landfill

9 June 2021

City of Kelowna – Hydrants

9 June 2021

City of Kelowna – Storm Water

9 June 2021

City of Kelowna – Paving

9 June 2021

City of Kelowna – Regional Compost Facility

9 June 2021

City of Kelowna – Corporate Asset Management System

9 June 2021

City of Kelowna – Glenmore Recreational Park

9 June 2021

Garett Lawrence for Chief of the Okanagan Indian Band

22 April 2021

John Bachelder – Okanagan Eye MD

22 April 2021

Cooking With Karly – Charcuterie

15 March 2021

Lakehouse: Style In Motion – American Leather

15 March 2021

Kelowna Fire Hall – Kitchen Fire Safety

10 February 2021

City of Kelowna – How to Use Transit

14 December 2020

Goodbye, Solid Rock Video

14 December 2020

John Bachelder Construction – Interior Retrofitting

1 December 2020

Simplex Sportszone – Trackman Target Practice

28 November 2020

Chris Trunzer – Golf Coach

20 November 2020

Jeff Parker – Testimonial

13 November 2020

Dance Performance – MBSS

12 November 2020

Simplex Sportszone – Tracy AI

12 November 2020

Remembrance Day 2020 – Oliver, BC

11 November 2020

CIBC Wood Gundy – Matt Nye

9 November 2020

Extinguisher Safety – Kelowna Fire Department

8 November 2020

Sourdough Schoolhouse – Gluten Free Web Course

14 October 2020

Start Fresh Grocery Pickup

14 October 2020

UBCO Pitch – No Judges

14 October 2020

YLW – Mock Disaster Exercise

14 October 2020

2018 Mayoral Election Forum – Online Broadcast

14 October 2020

Start Fresh – Fettuccine Alla Norcina

14 October 2020

Interior Health – Emergency Room Nursing

14 October 2020

Interior Health – Dual Credit Health Care Assistant Program

14 October 2020

Baseball Field and Diamond Maintenance

14 October 2020

Join John Bachelder Construction

14 October 2020

Harmony Acura – The Difference

14 October 2020

BC SPCA History – 125th Anniversary

14 October 2020

Introducing: Start Fresh Grocery

14 October 2020

BC Cancer’s New PET CT Scanner

14 October 2020

Cooking With Karly – Lakehouse Home Store

14 October 2020

City of Kelowna – Vision and Values

14 October 2020

Kitchen Fire Safety – Kelowna Fire Department

14 October 2020

Emma Wilson – Recruiter Video

14 September 2020

The Nutcracker – TV Ad

14 September 2020

Lakehouse – 2 Stores

26 August 2020

BC SPCA – Barb’s Story

18 August 2020

Wise Earth Farms – Start Fresh Kitchen

12 August 2020

Kelowna Videographer

Black Hills Estate Winery (Aerial)

8 August 2020

Wendego Lodge – Under New Ownership

23 July 2020

Welcome Back To YLW

1 July 2020

BC SPCA Livestream

BC SPCA 125th Anniversary Livestream

6 June 2020

Brevelle Super Q Blender – Lakehouse Home Store

5 June 2020

Live and Work in the Kootenay Boundary Region – Interior Health

2 June 2020

Wendego Lodge – A Tranquil Escape

20 May 2020

Introducing Start Fresh Grocery

15 May 2020

Kelowna’s Beer Institute – Staying connected in a time of isolation

7 May 2020

Home Demotion – Bachelder Construction

3 April 2020

Andrew Judah – Live From Home

22 March 2020

Modern PURAIR Franchise Opportunity

14 February 2020

Okanagan College Health Care Assistant Program

11 February 2020

e@UBCO – Quick Pitch Challenge

7 February 2020

Interior Health – A Top Employer in BC

6 February 2020

Kelowna Videographer

John Bachelder Construction Ltd.

14 January 2020

Sterling Advisory

6 January 2020

Bold Leaps – Andrew Allen

19 December 2019

Toria Kover – Softball Recruitment

15 December 2019

Sparkling Hill – Heritage Crystal Tipi

15 November 2019

Bold Leaps – A Conversation with Andrew Allen

8 March 2018

What our customers say about us:

“[Curtis]'s professionalism and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. They easily navigated the airport (during one of the busiest times of the year) to capture our two-millionth passenger–a moment that our team and the community will remember for years to come.”

Sam SamaddarAirport Director, Kelowna International Airport

“Curtis was great to work with. He was professional, fun to be around, and respectful of time. Each session we filmed we were finished either on time or ahead of schedule. He was prepared and excited to be there which made it a memorable experience!”

Kierra SmithOlympian & Motivational Speaker

“I’ve worked alongside Curtis in the field and can attest to his passion, creativity and professionalism. Curtis has a unique creative ability to look at a scene and bring it to life on the screen in ways most wouldn’t think of. Just look at his body of work, and see the final product for yourself. Amazing!”

Brady StrachanReporter, CBC News
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